(Boston, MA) Victoria Seafood a Hit

I was in Boston with friends for First Night and we did quite a bit of dining out.  One of the best (and cheapest) places we went to was the Victoria Seafood Restaurant on 1029 Commonwealth Avenue.  This restaurant is located right near the Babcock St. station on the green line of the Boston T. 

The outside of the Victoria Seafood Restaurant is very unassuming.  In fact, when my girlfriend and I arrived at the restaurant, we seriously considered calling our friends and telling them we would be dining someplace else.  The restaurant is not a seafood restaurant -- it is a Chinese restaurant with a few seafood entrees.  Despite our disappointment in seeing the restaurant, we decided to give it a try. 

Once we entered the restaurant, things started to shape up. We saw many Asian diners happily munching away at huge, tasty-looking entrees. I was in the mood for seafood, so I decided to order the shrimp with cashews. In a typical restaurant, this dish comes with five shrimps laid on top of a heap of vegetables. Not so at the Victoria Seafood Restaurant.

As you can see, my shrimp with cashew nuts ($8.95) came with quite a few large shrimp.  The restaurant definitely did not skimp on the cashews either.  Most importantly, the dish was delicious.  My friend got the hot pot and she bragged that the pot was full of seafood.  My other friend ordered the sesame chicken ($8.25).  I had never seen such a large order of sesame chicken in my life!  There were at least 30 pieces of chicken and 20 pieces of broccoli in the dish.  He had tons of left overs, but unfortunately, he left them behind in the hotel refrigerator. 

If you are looking for good food at a reasonable price, you can't beat the Victoria Seafood Restaurant.  It is not gourmet food, but it is tasty and the portions are incredible.  The restaurant is also conveniently located next to a T stop.  I highly recommend this place.  Unfortunately, it is not closer to home. 


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