Mocha Lisa's Cafe is average

I had an hour to kill before I had to go to an appointment in Clifton Park, so I stopped by Mocha Lisa's to pass the time.  Mocha Lisa's is located conveniently in Clifton Park Center, off of Route 146 in Clifton Park. 
My first impressions of the restaurant were very good.  Mocha Lisa's is an elegantly appointed, airy, modern cafe with a lot of tables and some very comfortable chairs.  There is even a large screen TV.  This is a very relaxing place to spend some time sipping coffee and having a conversation.  The dining area is ample, so you do not feel claustrophobic like you would at the nearby Starbucks. 

Mocha Lisa's has a very extensive menu for a coffee restaurant.  They boast at least twenty different teas, espresso drinks, iced drinks, frappes and smoothies.  You can get a chai, a chai latte, a chai frappe and a chai smoothie.  The options are endless.  The prices are rather steep at Mocha Lisa's.  A 20 oz latte is $4.45, which is slightly higher than what Starbucks charges.  Amazing how much a cup of coffee goes for these days. 

I ordered a medium hot chocolate ($2.90) and a turkey and bacon panini ($7.49).  Mocha Lisa's sells the Times Union, so I bought a Times Union as well.  At least I would not be bored while I passed the time. 

My hot chocolate came out quite quickly.  I must say I was very disappointed by it.  It did not taste any better than Swiss Miss.  It was mostly milk and a little bit of chocolate flavoring.  It did not have the richness of Starbucks, Professor Java's, or Uncommon Grounds hot chocolate.  I could have easily made this at home for a lot less money. 

I was also disappointed by my turkey and bacon panini.  The sandwich came out looking elegant, with a doilie underneath it.  The sandwich is supposed to come with turkey, bacon, swiss and tomato on ciabtta bread, but this sandwich only came with turkey and swiss on ciabatta.  Mocha Lisa's definitely skimped on the turkey.  The sandwich overall was quite average.  The sandwich also came with a small bag of chips, which were tasty.  However, this was hardly a bargain at $7.49. 

Mocha Lisa's has a wonderful, inviting atmosphere;  however, the food that I ate there was average.  If I ever had an hour to kill in Clifton Park again, I would eat somewhere else.  After I ate, I might sit at Mocha Lisa's and order one of the less expensive beverages. 


Ali said...

I completely agree with this review! I find myself at Mocha Lisa's frequently for client meetings and absolutely love it for that, it's got a cozy, quiet atmosphere, big windows to watch the weather happen, comfy chairs, but! I have always found the food to be overpriced (easy to get away with in Clifton Park) and disappointing. Stick to the baked goods, they get them in from Dolce and Biscotti, and just order a coffee with flavored syrup. Ask for it "with room" and add your own half & half- there, you've got a flavored latte for $2. Need a little salt, grab a bag of those chips for another buck. It's really the only way to walk out of there without feeling like they stole your wallet and broke your heart.

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