Jewish soul food at Ben and Bill's

There are very few places in the Capital Region where one can go for a good pastrami sandwich.  One of those places is Ben and Bill's Deli in Price Chopper.  I had never been to Ben and Bill's before.  Having spent the day in Saratoga Springs, I figured I would stop over in the Saratoga Springs Price Chopper on Route 50, which is one of only two Price Chopper's which has the Ben and Bill's Deli.  It was well worth the trip.

Ben and Bill's makes authentic New York style deli sandwiches.  I cannot think of too many places in the area that makes Jewish deli sandwiches.  Gershon's is one, and they are wonderful.  However, I was in Saratoga Springs today, so I figured I would soothe my longing for Jewish deli at Ben and Bill's. 

I stepped up to the counter, and ordered a half pastrami, half corned beef sandwich.  In my earlier years, I would order a whole pastrami sandwich, but now that I am older, I wanted to eat a little healthier.  I do not know how much healthier corned beef is than pastrami, but at least I was making an effort.  To my delight, the employee pulled one brand new fresh pastrami and one corned beef out of the oven, and put both meats in the deli slicer.  I drooled as I saw the greasy meats being placed onto my sandwich.  I was excited to eat this tasty meal.  It came in a little box with a pickle on the side and a bag of fresh cooked potato chips. 

I was not disappointed.  The meats were moist and delicious, but perhaps a bit too fatty.  The grease from the meats blended in with the rye bread and mustard to make a delicious concoction.  The sandwich was much more than I should have eaten;  however, I ended up finishing it.  I wanted to 'try' the potato chips, so I opened them up and they were so delicious, I ended up finishing the bag. 

The one thing that Ben and Bill's does not have going for it is its ambiance, or lack thereof.  Ben and Bill's is smack dab in the middle of Price Chopper, albeit a very nice Price Chopper.  There are pictures of Jewish celebrities and pictures of NYC in the dining area which create the impression that you are in a Jewish deli, but really it still feels like you are in a Price Chopper rather than an authentic Jewish deli.

The sandwich, pickle, potato chips and a seltzer cost about $10, which is not bad.  I forgot to show the cashier my Price Chopper card, otherwise, I would have gotten a little bit closer to that precious $.10 off on gas.  I truly enjoyed my meal at Price Chopper.  I would definitely go back in a couple of months (or weeks) and get another pastrami or corned beef sandwich.  Next time, if I indulge and eat the whole sandwich, I will not eat the chips.