Sake Cafe for Great Sushi and Japanese Food

We went to the Sake Cafe on 1365 New Scotland Road with the dining out group.  The Sake Cafe is located in the suburban Price Chopper Plaza right off of Route 85.  It is important to note that this is the second Sake Cafe on New Scotland Road.  The other Sake Cafe is located at 273 New Scotland Avenue. 

The Sake Cafe on 1365 New Scotland Road is a very elegantly appointed restaurant, with wood tables, an ample bar, and ample seating.  The wait staff is immaculately dressed in black.  The atmosphere is on par with the fine Chinese and Japanese restaurants in the area -- Hana and Koto

We got there a half an hour early, and my girlfriend was starving, so we decided to order some sushi rolls.  The sushi at Sake Cafe is awesome!  We got a California roll and a Tuna roll.  Interestingly, the sushi chef at Sake Cafe uses very little rice in his sushi.  He just barely covers the seaweed with rice.  He, however, does not skimp on the fish.  The tuna roll had a very good portion of tuna, probably triple the amount of tuna Hannaford puts in their tuna rolls.  The tuna rolls are a steal, at just $4.00 for six pieces.

Having had sushi as my appetizer, I wanted to get something different for my main course.  I decided to go with the Singapore noodles with shrimp.  This is a dish I had never tried before.  The dish was very elegantly presented -- a heap of thin noodles on a big plate with a carrot in the shape of a flower.  The noodles were incredbly spicy, but delicious.  The dish came with six very large fresh, shrimp that I throughly enjoyed.  The Singapore noodles are only $9, which makes it one of the cheaper items on the menu. 

Other items around the table looked similarly appetizing.  My girlfriend ordered the chicken teriyaki for $13.00, which was also good.  I thought the portion could have been a little larger.  Still, the chicken was very fresh, and the sauce was sweet, and not overly salty.  My friend ordered the mango shrimp, which she said was excellent.  It was a very colorful array of twelve or so shrimp with green peppers and other vegetables, mixed in an orange sauce.  They do put a lot of sauce in this dish; so if you are watching your weight, ask the waitress for less sauce. 

The only thing that was an issue with our meal was the wait.  Of course, we were a very large crowd of 12.  However, there was only one or two wait staff waiting on the entire restaurant of 20 tables.  It took us an hour and a half to finally get our food.  We did not get any personal attention from our waitress.  She did not get my friends order right, and she sent back her email.  However, everyone else's orders came out correct, and our bills were calculated correctly. 

Sake Cafe gets an "A" from me.  The atmosphere is wonderful, the sushi is excellent, and the hot food is also good.  I was really impressed. 


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