Panera Bread

Today I had breakfast at Panera Bread. I must say I was a little disappointed with my bacon and eggs sandwich. It ranks below Dunkin Donuts.

Panera caters to the crowd that likes more exotic foods, whereas Dunkin is more like a high school cafeteria. Panera offers Vermont Cheddar on its sandwiches, Dunkin offers American. Panera uses real eggs over easy which are cooked every night, while Dunkin uses powdered eggs. Even though I prefer real eggs to powdered eggs, I did not like the Panera eggs. They may have been cooked overnight and then zapped when I ordered my sandwich.

Panera offers a greater variety of food of pastries and sandwiches than Dunkin Donuts. However, it's food is significantly more costly than Dunkin. The egg and cheese sandwich at Panera cost $3.79, however, at Dunkin, it would have been $2.49.

Panera does have a more upscale atmosphere than Dunkin. I appreciate that the coffee fixins comes complete with lemon wedges and honey, neither of which is offered at Dunkin. For those with laptops, Panera does have 802.11b wireless access. Perhaps because Panera is not as heavily trafficked as Panera, the floor is not dirty with the mud and snow from the outside.


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