Mr. Subb

Today I was looking for a cheap meal in Colonie Center, so I went over to Mr. Subb. Mr. Subb is not too bad, though it does not rank quite as high as Subway or Quiznos.

The tuna sandwich is smaller than Subway. Mr. Subb only uses half a wrap, whereas Subway uses a whole wrap. I wondered to myself, "How much can a wrap possibly cost?" The portion of tuna was similar to Subway. It was topped with cheese, pickles, lettuce and tomato. The wrap did seem to have a funny taste to it.

Mr. Subb does not have the see-thru counter like Subway, which is one of the things I like best about Subway. At Subway, I can see everything that is going into my sandwich. At Mr. Subb, the food prep is hidden behind a counter. I believe Mr. Subb does offer the same kinds of veggies on its sandwiches as Subway, and based on my experienced at Mr. Subb, the veggies are of good quality.

Mr. Subb has a frequent buyer's card, which does not seem as generous as Subway's. I need to eat 12 small subs at Mr. Subb to get one free sub. Subway uses the points system, where every dollar I spend earns me a point for each dollar spent. I can eat 7 6-inch subs at Subway and get a free 6 inch sub, assuming a sub costs $5.

Price: A small tuna at Mr. Subb is $3.49, which is comprable to Subway.


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