Love that Salad Creations!

At least once a week I end up in Clifton Park around Exit 9.  It is a busy area with tons of food options, most of which are chain restaurants.  From my options, I always seem to choose Salad Creations.  It is convenient, reasonably priced, and just plain tasty.  Of course, I also love salad.

Salad Creations is located in the Clifton Park Plaza strip mall, right next to Marshall's.  The place has a very inviting feel.  It is spacious and has a lot of large windows in front.  Inside, the walls are painted in pastel colors and pictures of (what else?) salad are hanging from the walls. 

When you enter Salad Creations, you are immediately greeted by your salad creator who is smartly dressed in a chef's cap.  He takes your order and asks you whether you would like a junior size or a full size salad.  I always go for the full size -- it is just a little more money and a lot more food.  He makes your salad right in front of you, and adds salad dressing to taste.  If you don't like any of the salads on the menu, you can always make your own. 

The salads over at Salad Creations are pretty good.  This is a full size chinese chopstick salad.  It is a pretty big meal for around $8.00.  The lettuce is always fresh and crispy, and I love the wontons and the Asian peanut dressing.  It is making me hungry just looking at it!  My only complaint is that there could be larger strips of chicken in the salad. 

In my opinion, Salad Creations is a hit!  Everyone is looking to eat healthier these days.  True, not all salads are healthy, and certaintly the one I featured probably has more calories than a Lean Cuisine.  However, I feel much more comfortable eating this than I would a Subway sandwich or a Big Mac.  The quality is better and it has lots of veggies!  They need to open one of these along Western Avenue in Albany.  I am sure it would do quite well. 


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