Found a new favorite seafood place

My girlfriend and I were looking for a good non-chain seafood restaurant in the Capital Region.  They can be a little hard to find.  Reel Seafood is good, but they are kind of expensive.  We decided to check out Salty's Pub and Bistro in Clifton Park.  A friend was having a meetup there, and she knows her food, so we figured we would take a chance.

Salty's is located off of Exit 8A on 215 Guideboard Road in Clifton Park.  It is a nondescript shop in a nondescript strip mall.  Inside, Salty's has a very friendly atmosphere.  About half the space is allocated to the bar, and half is allocated to the bistro.  Even on a Monday night, it was a little noisy, which we did not mind too much.  However, those who enjoy a quiet dining experience, beware!  Wood trim abounds in the interior, giving the restaurant a warm, cozy feel.  Pop music plays in the background.

Because Salty's looks kind of plain from the outside, I assumed the menu would be quite limited.  On the contrary!  Salty's has a variety of dishes, and an extensive seafood menu.  My girlfriend and I were very excited.  I decided to order Salty's Famous Fisherman's Platter.  I had high hopes, and Salty's exceeded my expectations! Out came a generous portion of fried seafood wrapped in a bread shell of some kind, with coleslaw and a baked potato.  I tossed aside the shell (too many calories), and headed straight for the fish. First, I bit into the scallops.  My taste buds were so happy when I bit into the juicy, fresh seafood.  I instantly said to my girlfriend, "We have to go back to this place!"

For a nondescript place, Salty's sure took me by surprise.  This just confirms in my mind that it is not always the fancy places that have the best food.  I would go to Salty's over Reel Seafood or Red Lobster any day.


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