The Ripe Tomato

I went to the Ripe Tomato in Malta tonight and I left satisfied as always. The portions are large and the food is fresh and excellent.

I ordered the chicken piccata, which came with bread and soup or salad. The bread is top-notch. It is either fresh-baked on the premises or brought in every day. The olive oil for dipping is a nice touch. I had onion soup, which was also excellent. The chicken piccata came with four medium-sized chicken cutlets which were moist and delicious. I appreciated all of the mushrooms and capers in the delicately-seasoned sauce. The side of pasta is al dente, and the tomato sauce is flavorful.

The atmopshere is cozy with exposed beams, low ceilings and paper tablecloths. The dish was $17.95, which is a bit pricy. However, with chains cutting back on portions, it is nice to get a nice portion. The Ripe Tomato is the way restaurant dining used to be.


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