I went to Justin's on Lark Street and I feel that they definitely have great food for a bar.

I ordered the fried catfish sandwich with fries and coleslaw, all of which was delicious. When even the cole slaw tastes home made, you know you are in for a treat. The catfish was lightly fried and battered and absolutely wonderful. A generous fresh filet was heaped on a roll with an interesting avocado mayonnaise spread. The fries were hand-cut and had a little of the skin still on. Even the cole slaw was wonderful. It was not drowning in mayonnaise, and the chunks of cabbage and carrot blended beautifully.

Justin's is not only a great place to hang out, but also a wonderful dining experience. For just under $10, I feel that Justin's is far above it's competitors such as Chili's or Friday's.


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