Capital Q Smokehouse

Capital Q Smokehouse was rated one of the best barbecue restaurants in the Capital District. Though they did have good food, I was not wowed by this restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the student ghetto of Albany. If you are not in your 20's, you may feel slightly out of place in this restaurant. When I was in the restaurant, the crowd was exclusively college-age individuals. Dollar bills on the wall by the cash register had greek letters written on them of the various frats and sororities of the local colleges.

We ordered the pulled pork in this two-pound portion, assuming we would get a better deal ordering by the pound than each having a sandwich. We may have gotten a large jug of meat, but we didn't enjoy it too much. The meat was of high-quality and was not fatty, unlike Pig Pit. However, the North Carolina vinegary taste of the meat was not to my liking. I had left-overs the next day, and I almost did not finish them. This is slightly unusual behavior for me.

two pounds of pulled pork

With our 2 pounds of pork, we ordered a couple of sides. The winner among the sides was the sweet potato fries, which were excellent. They were freshly-made, and worth the wait.

sweet potato fries

There are different barbecue flavors at Capital Q, so next time we might try one of those. However, I am not running back to this establishment.


Anonymous said...

I urge you to give it another try. This is one of my favorite places in the region. Seriously.

Their brisket is amazing, the rendered beef fat is like butter.
The dry rubbed ribs can be ordered by the piece (if you are lucky you may be able to request an end).
I like the mustard pork (believe it's the South Carolina) but believe it's better in a sandwich topped with slaw. You might consider eating the sandwich at the counter, for it could deteriorate by the time you get it home.

I have no love of their sides, except for slaw, pickles and chili. But it's not exactly chili season.

Robert said...

Thanks for your comments Daniel. I will try Capital Q's again, but this time, I will get a sandwich.

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