Wings at Albany

One of my favorite eateries in Albany is Wings over Albany, on Western Avenue right outside of Crossgates Mall.

Wings has a simple ambiance, very similar to Five Guys. The wall is adorned with articles praising the place. The tables and chairs are made of steel, and there is a paper towel holder roll on the table. The simple atmosphere and the paper towels indicates that the diner is in for some serious eating.

I ordered the paper airplane (7 wings), which is one of the cheaper offerings at Wings for $5.49. Though inexpensive, this is a very satisfying meal. These wings are more like a drumstick than a regular wing. They are extremely fresh, meaty and juicy. The chicken used is very high-quality. This is not your typical wing joint. Wings cares about serving you the freshest wings. They also have tons of sauces to choose from. chicken wings from Wings over Albany

If you are looking for a satisfying and tasty meal, Wings is the place to go. This is not the place to go on a first date, but it is solid, quality food.


Andrew Badera said...

Gotta love WOA -- no place else has their variety of flavors. Plus, they deliver to Harriman campus -- win! (DOCS consultant here.)

Robert said...

I have never seen wings of such high quality served at a restaurant before WOA.

Andrew Badera said...

Well ... I spent 9 years in Rochester. Moving back to the Albany area fall of 2006, one of the toughest challenges I faced was finding the RIGHT wing. I still haven't found it, but I've found a few that come close: Paesan's (tend to be big and meaty, true jumbos, but the sauce is only so-so, and they're almost never done crispy), Roma (average meatiness, good sauce, GREAT crispiness on occasion), Jessica Stone's (good all around, nothing stunning) and WOA. The one dislike I have to voice about WOA is that they focus on breaded wings -- so I'm kind of scared to order it without breading, much less specifying "crispy" or "well done." The last time I did that someplace that didn't know what I was talking about, I ended up with crispy little burnt chicken bones.

Roma (in Latham) is my perennial favorite ... at least for the time being.

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