Mr. Subb - The Neba

Mr. Subb has brought back the Neba, a hot roast beef sandwich. The Neba is good, but not great. It is better than Arby's, but not quite as good as Maurice's.

The Neba comes with a large portion of moist, flavorful roast beef. When you order the Neba, the server will ask you if you want "tiger sauce" which tastes like mayonnaise with horseradish. It is tasty, but takes away from the flavor of the roast beef a little bit. The Neba would be better if it came with a side of au jus. The sandwich comes on a hard roll.

For $3.99, the Neba is comprable to Arby's and Maurice's. Arby's and Mr. Subb both taste artificial to me. Maurices is fresly sliced, and the bun is dipped in au jus sauce.


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